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08 June 2009 @ 07:12 pm
Reoccuring dreams...  
So I keep having these dreams that seem to be a continuance of one another but I'm not sure...

Dream 1:
Started in a school, mostly made of stone, there was hella statues around, maybe it was a sculpting school I don't know. Danielle and Miki were with me and we were walking up these steps, they hit the top of them and the steps started to crumble along with everything else that was stone. Then all of a sudden I'm in a classroom, Danielle is there and she is crying, some dude is trying to comfort her and I'm like who the fuck is this asshole on my girl. So I pick a fight with him and the teacher flips, he pulled me into the hall, I explained why I was upset, apologized and told him I understood he had a job to do, then BAM! I'm on a cliff, I fall and I drop the football I was holding into the lake below. Werid thing is, is that I can see it at the bottom of the lake since the water was so clear, so I swim down to get it and notice there is a top of a child's sippy cup laying next to the ball, I also notice to my left the water is extremely dark and murky. I start to lose air and start to swim to the top, then I woke up before I hit the surface.

Dream 2:
Starts in Danielle's back yard, for some reason she has a trampoline. Her dad is there and is being a total dick and a smart ass to me for no apperent reason, so I call him out. he get's pissed, Danielle get's pissed. BAM! I'm in the classroom again. Only this time it's a different teacher, deffinatly an art class though, I look around for Danielle and all I can see is the top of her head, so I wait outside 'till class is over and she never comes out. So I sneak back in and find her and get up next to her while she is looking the otherway. I whisper somthing in her ear then wake up. Weird thing is, is that I never saw her her face in the dream, I don't know what I whispered and I don't know if she responded.

Maybe there will be a part 3?