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25 May 2009 @ 03:56 pm
Atmosphere show  
So here is my review of the Atmosphere show at the Pagent. I left work at like 2PM cuz there was an accident on 270. We ended up getting to Swahh's mom's house around 3:30, I had half a glass of brandy and 3 beers, so I was feelin' straight. Jon got there about 4 and we all headed to Dave's, we got there and realized I left the tickets in the glove box so me and Jon went back to get them. We stopped by Jack N The Box before the show to get our eats on. We got to the Pagent around 7, and low and behold Slug was standing outside smoking, people were just walking past him like he was no one. I went to the merch booth knowing there wasn't one peice of audio I didn't already own, so I bought myself a second copy of Sad Clown Bad Fall 10, went back outside and Slug signed it for me, we talked for a little bit, he had remembered me from myspace and shit. So we walked in and the place was fucking empty so I claimed that barricade like it was nobodys business. Attracted to Gods played first, I wasn't too familiar with them but they rocked that shit. Brother Ali was next and god damn that dude has some stage presents, he was only on for like 45 mins, Atmosphere had a 2 hour long set. Atmosphere was fucking dope though, he did alot from When Life Gives You Lemons and God Loves Ugly, hence The When God Gives You Ugly Tour. I was a little upset because he did not do one song from You Can't Imagine How Much Fun Were Having. He did do alot of old shit. He did Modern Man's Hustle which was cool. Then the encore... holy cow. First song was "Trying To Find A Balance" which I didn't even know he still performed, the Pagent fucking went nuts. Ali came out and they did Cats Vans Bags, and a cut from Ali's first album. At the end of the show they freestyled back and forth for about 20 mins before leaving the stage. 1 2 3 PEACE!
Current Music: Atmosphere - Vanity Sick