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25 April 2009 @ 07:22 pm
so i didnt hear from my girlfriend for like 4 hour, which is really uncommon. i was aiming people like crazy trying to find her to see if she was ok. i thought she got into a car accident or somthing. turns out she was at the casino with a friend. im pretty sure he is gay so its cool. i was about to call hospitals. anyway she told me she would never give me shit about spending money again because dude lost so much. anyway im hanging out with my daughter, we are watching dora. im going to make her some dora spigehtti-os, then we will watch gumby, hopefully she will fall asleep. then im going to hang out in my garage. aside from not seeing my gf, i would say it was a pretty good day. work was a bitch but when isnt it?
Current Music: atmosphere - godlovesugly