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30 August 2008 @ 02:22 pm
Caylee Anthony  
Ok, so you probably know the story of Caylee Anthony and her mom Casey, if you don't it's somthing like this...

Caylee went missing in June.
Casey didn't report it.
Casey was charged with obstruction, interfering with an investigation, and child neglect.
Casey went to jail and was bailed out.
She was sent back today on new charges (not homicide).

Anyway, all over the news they keep asking where this little girls is. It's so obvious this girl is dead. The found chemical traces of human decomposition in Casey's car, and Caylees hair in the trunk. Now that may not be enough to press charges for murder but it is certainly enough to draw the conclusion that this little girl is dead or that there was a dead body in that trunk at some point. This shit is ridiculous. BITCH YOU KILLED YOUR DAUGHTER! ADMIT IT!