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08 June 2009 @ 07:12 pm
So I keep having these dreams that seem to be a continuance of one another but I'm not sure...

Dream 1:
Started in a school, mostly made of stone, there was hella statues around, maybe it was a sculpting school I don't know. Danielle and Miki were with me and we were walking up these steps, they hit the top of them and the steps started to crumble along with everything else that was stone. Then all of a sudden I'm in a classroom, Danielle is there and she is crying, some dude is trying to comfort her and I'm like who the fuck is this asshole on my girl. So I pick a fight with him and the teacher flips, he pulled me into the hall, I explained why I was upset, apologized and told him I understood he had a job to do, then BAM! I'm on a cliff, I fall and I drop the football I was holding into the lake below. Werid thing is, is that I can see it at the bottom of the lake since the water was so clear, so I swim down to get it and notice there is a top of a child's sippy cup laying next to the ball, I also notice to my left the water is extremely dark and murky. I start to lose air and start to swim to the top, then I woke up before I hit the surface.

Dream 2:
Starts in Danielle's back yard, for some reason she has a trampoline. Her dad is there and is being a total dick and a smart ass to me for no apperent reason, so I call him out. he get's pissed, Danielle get's pissed. BAM! I'm in the classroom again. Only this time it's a different teacher, deffinatly an art class though, I look around for Danielle and all I can see is the top of her head, so I wait outside 'till class is over and she never comes out. So I sneak back in and find her and get up next to her while she is looking the otherway. I whisper somthing in her ear then wake up. Weird thing is, is that I never saw her her face in the dream, I don't know what I whispered and I don't know if she responded.

Maybe there will be a part 3?
25 May 2009 @ 03:56 pm
So here is my review of the Atmosphere show at the Pagent. I left work at like 2PM cuz there was an accident on 270. We ended up getting to Swahh's mom's house around 3:30, I had half a glass of brandy and 3 beers, so I was feelin' straight. Jon got there about 4 and we all headed to Dave's, we got there and realized I left the tickets in the glove box so me and Jon went back to get them. We stopped by Jack N The Box before the show to get our eats on. We got to the Pagent around 7, and low and behold Slug was standing outside smoking, people were just walking past him like he was no one. I went to the merch booth knowing there wasn't one peice of audio I didn't already own, so I bought myself a second copy of Sad Clown Bad Fall 10, went back outside and Slug signed it for me, we talked for a little bit, he had remembered me from myspace and shit. So we walked in and the place was fucking empty so I claimed that barricade like it was nobodys business. Attracted to Gods played first, I wasn't too familiar with them but they rocked that shit. Brother Ali was next and god damn that dude has some stage presents, he was only on for like 45 mins, Atmosphere had a 2 hour long set. Atmosphere was fucking dope though, he did alot from When Life Gives You Lemons and God Loves Ugly, hence The When God Gives You Ugly Tour. I was a little upset because he did not do one song from You Can't Imagine How Much Fun Were Having. He did do alot of old shit. He did Modern Man's Hustle which was cool. Then the encore... holy cow. First song was "Trying To Find A Balance" which I didn't even know he still performed, the Pagent fucking went nuts. Ali came out and they did Cats Vans Bags, and a cut from Ali's first album. At the end of the show they freestyled back and forth for about 20 mins before leaving the stage. 1 2 3 PEACE!
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14 May 2009 @ 05:33 pm
ugh, i have strep throat. so fun, let me tell you. i plan on watching season 10 of the simpsons and cleaning a little every half hour. danielle is coming over in a little while. what a brave and caring girlfriend. then i plan on watching every season of south park or scrubs, obviosuly i cant watch EVERY season, but ill try until i fall asleep. although, im missing the second disc to season 11 of south park : (

funny, my last post was about tv shows too.

Oh, and the new Eminem record is pretty good. IMO, Infinate, Slim Shady LP, and Marshall Mathers LP were his best and will never be topped. Eminem Show was ok, Encore sucked hard. Relapse is pretty damn good though, better than his last to, so go pick that up on tuesday. Also, go get Haystak - The Natural II...
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06 May 2009 @ 05:05 am
so, i've been up since like 4 30 AM. I kinda like being up so early though, i can make myself breakfast and whatnot. ive been laying in bed watching home movies for the last half'n hour, home movies the tv show not actual home movies. ive come to realize i have this problem, when i like a tv show i have to own every season of it on dvd... heres a list of what i own.

Home Movies, Seasons 1,2,3,4
Scrubs, Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
South Park, Seasons, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
ATHF, Season 5
Boondocks, Seasons 1,2
Simpsons, Seasons, 1,2,8
Beavis & Butthead, Collections 1,3

I want some more Simpsons, they just cost so damn much.
29 April 2009 @ 10:53 am
ugh, i need to leave for school in 30 mins. i reeeeeally wanna skip today. i told cathy id let her hear some cds though. im trying to introduce her to different hip hop. i was planning on waking up early, making breakfast, and picking up the new tech n9ne record, i suppose i could still do that if i skip. fuck it, im skipping. im going to get a shower. have a nice day.

"feel better, feel good, feel wonderful" - prince
25 April 2009 @ 07:22 pm
so i didnt hear from my girlfriend for like 4 hour, which is really uncommon. i was aiming people like crazy trying to find her to see if she was ok. i thought she got into a car accident or somthing. turns out she was at the casino with a friend. im pretty sure he is gay so its cool. i was about to call hospitals. anyway she told me she would never give me shit about spending money again because dude lost so much. anyway im hanging out with my daughter, we are watching dora. im going to make her some dora spigehtti-os, then we will watch gumby, hopefully she will fall asleep. then im going to hang out in my garage. aside from not seeing my gf, i would say it was a pretty good day. work was a bitch but when isnt it?
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04 April 2009 @ 05:58 pm
I woke up hungover at 8 30am, so worth the previous night though (mary jane and Colt 45). I went and smoked a cigarette with with my girlfriend. went to work for 8 hours. I was supposed to pick up my daughter at 5:30 but she is napping so I'm waiting for her mom to call. I'm not sure what we are going to do tonight, I know she is going to want to watch Power Rangers, but it's too damn pretty outside. Who knows.

"I'm gunna act like there's poison in the pancakes, and amputate the ones who wasn't loyal with the handshakes" - Slug

and for no reason...
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22 January 2009 @ 12:46 pm
so i already dropped a class this semester, i cant do algebra on a computer. what happened to good ol fashion paper and pencil? addyson is sick she has phnemonia. she is behaving though. the other day she said "night night daddy".... at 5 in the afternoon. poor baby. i also might lose my job. everyone here works 5 days a week, the employee who has been here the longest has been cut to 4, i have a feeling ill be cut to 3 days or they will let me go. ill be fucked if that happens, child support cant be reviewed for 3 years.
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30 August 2008 @ 02:22 pm
Ok, so you probably know the story of Caylee Anthony and her mom Casey, if you don't it's somthing like this...

Caylee went missing in June.
Casey didn't report it.
Casey was charged with obstruction, interfering with an investigation, and child neglect.
Casey went to jail and was bailed out.
She was sent back today on new charges (not homicide).

Anyway, all over the news they keep asking where this little girls is. It's so obvious this girl is dead. The found chemical traces of human decomposition in Casey's car, and Caylees hair in the trunk. Now that may not be enough to press charges for murder but it is certainly enough to draw the conclusion that this little girl is dead or that there was a dead body in that trunk at some point. This shit is ridiculous. BITCH YOU KILLED YOUR DAUGHTER! ADMIT IT!
08 August 2008 @ 06:55 pm
So today Russia invaded neighboring country Georgia, who the US has been pushing to join NATO due to our strong allience and the support they've given the US military in Iraq. My question is could this possibly be the spark for WWIII? Obviously the best stand point the US could have at this point is stay the fuck away considering our economic status and war in Iraq, and our past with Russia. However, this hasn;t been the case. Georgia has asked the US to ship their troops home from Iraq to help fight the war in their home country. The US has demanded both countries cease fire and reconsile their differeces with the UN Security Commitee, staying away is obviously not our stand point. Both countries are playing the blame game in this case. Now that the US is involved politically, what's to say they won't soon be involved militarily? If this US goes to war with Russia, it is all bad news. We are no longer the bad ass of the world, we rely too much on the middle east to make those kinds of claims. That's my 2 cents.
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